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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  July 10, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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first game is july 16 against australia. here is karen parks with the "late edition". >> going to the extremee to save energy.3 >> moot people turn it on and it is called foolishness. >> how this man gets his bgeú bill below $20. when you can expect the prices3 to reallyystart to climb here in maryland. >> when we go to las vegas, i doo't drink. and i don't gamble. >> but she suue likes to roll this woman's mind boggling collection. >> why comcast may actuully owe you money for a change.
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>> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition"..3 barnd is off tonight. a 13-year-old girl rapee in annapolis. and investigators say the man that did it is a man already convicted of a violent sex crime. policc say he picked up the girl and 3 other young females in dundalk and drove them to annapolis and a home, where he raped one girl. keith daniels gives us a closer look at what led policc to the suspect. >> well, karen, we'reeon strat3 suspect picked up thehere the 13-yearrold girl, and 3 of her friends. police have arrested and charged 28-year-old james mason, iii ú%her charges. ú%w deeectives say mason drooe the ggrls teffiend'sshouse in annapolis, where he offered thee aacohol aad marijuana. and police say he raped the
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13-year-old girl. and they say her friends looked for helpp >> t a certain .1 of the juveniles felt uneasy about the situation, became scareddand connacted a relative that then contacted the police department to come in and inteevene. >> mason met one of the girls on the iiternet last month. and tooight mason is in jail on in dundalk, keith daniels, fox -5 news "late editton". >> and in baltimore city, a group of detectives will review rape reports from the last 18 months. detectives will look to see if the cases were appropriately steps he city is taking to improve the way it investigates rapes and ther sex crimes. last month the city started a new rape hotline. >> since 2004 baltimore city has led the country in the %-determiied to be unfounded. county are rying tootrack downú a woman they say is a serial
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bank robber. bank security caaeras show irrelevant wearing long wiggand sunglasses, wanted for fivee3 robberies in the last two weeks. police say in thh most recent robbery she was wearrng middle >> and this heat wave has claimed two more lives in maryland. bringing the total this year to 10. other from prince george's county. both were senior citizens and had underrying health condiiions. -taae health officials say they without air conditiooing, andmes the temperature was over 90 degrees. >> and staying cool in this weather is critical. and it does cost monny. but one man in annapolis doos everything he can to lower his bge bill. it was just 18 and 26 cents last month and no mistake. conservation.mastered the art oú and at his annaaolii home lights
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are off when not in use. drapes are pullee tt keep out the sun. and in the summer,,the thermostat is never set below 88 deggees. >> if it hits 87 or 88 in the house, even with all of this windows and blocking the sun and everything. we turn the air concern on, most people turn it on and leave it on all summer. it is called foolishness. >> winegrad gets a credit on his summer bills for allowing bge to interrupt his servicc during peek demands. >> and it wws still pretty warm today. but there wwre a few clouds to breakup the sun. meteorologist emily gracey joins us now, and emily, how much of a break will we get? >>well, it looks like cooler temperatuues on he way. not for too long. heat will be back karen. warmer temperatures in the forecast. cold front is pushing in.. seeing the showers on the radarú this evening. they are breaking up as they and thunderstorms are ssarting to fall apart. so we have the chance of showers
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tonight as the line gets closer and clooer. toward carroll instead of a ide spread thunderstorm activity we are just seeing scattered showers right now. and that will continue to be the case as it gets closer andd3 closer to baltimore over the next couple of hours.ú all right looking at the next 12 hours. we are going to see wet weather in the forecast. starting to cleer out by tomorrow lattrrin the day. tomorrow.nly 85 degrees forr3 and we haae warmer temperatures and clear skies in the forecast. i will ell you when, coming up >> the effort to rescue a puupy stuck in drain pipes in northwesttbbltimore may come to you emember this. aniiallcontrol workers lowered ooher dogs into the drain, hoping to lureethe puppy out. -ameras and trained rescue dogs. nothing has worked. they have also not seen or heard ffom the puppy in four days. officials plaa o pull out the traps tomorrow. >> the legal battle over
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campaign signs and freedom of speech sparks a lawsuit in baltimore county. steve kolbe filed the lawsuut aater he was forced to take down a sign supportinggbob ehrlich for goverror. county inspectors told him itt3 was too large and posted too early. colby said the county violated -is right to free speech. >> ii any countries of the world, you woulddeepecc to be fined or jaiied for your political beliefs. but not baltimorr county. >> baltimore ounty declined to comment on the story. while there is ongoing litigation.ú ú% we asked on yoo foo 45 news at 5:30, do you think the crackdown on campaign siggs s politically motivatedd so far 81 percent say yes. and 19 peerent say no. kelll writes on facebook. here we go. just get a smaller siin. but another viewer writes f the coonty wants to tell him what hh can and cannnt have on his property. maybe they should start to pay his roperty taxes. ú% you can send us your sponges
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a lot of ways. go to and you can sound off throuuh facebook. send us a tweet@foxbalttmoree and you can text your answer toú 45203. enter fox 5 a for yes. or fox 45 b for no. >> and a shakeup in baltimore city hall tonight. thissman david scott is stepping some people say he is beiig -orced out because of a dispute ú%th one of his officials. current department of fox will replace scottt >> you need to know that a massive recall on overrthe-counter drugs is getting bigger. johnson aad johnson announced it motrin and benadryl products because of a musty or moldd smell. recall follows another one in january, for the same problems. >> comcast may owe you some
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money, and theecompany is seetling a class action lawsuit b the way it handled internet traffic. the lawssit said comcast blocked certain computer programs wwthout telling anyone. if you use comcast high speed internet between april of 2006 and december of 2008, you could get $16. for more information about howw3 to claim your money from comcast. >> aad take a look at this is the new ogo for the us cybee command. look closely at the enter gold ring below the words. those letters and numbers are a code. it stands for something and we don't want to give it away ifú you would like to decode it or find out what it said, that's >> food, un, and film, that's thh theme tonight in little italy. the annuul little italy open air
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fflmmfestival is in the 12th a group of local restaurants offer free movies and popcorn to hundreds of people. organizers show the movies on a large projection through the third floor window of one dddicatee resident. ú% he just celebrated his 10003 birthday ttis past april. and he is always willlng o help and do whatever he can to, you know,,bring people to the community. >> moreethan 2000 people turned out at last week's shhwing. the festivallruns every friiay night through the end of august. >> because when grandkids got here last night they walked through the house, and grandma, you didn't count these dice. and they were just up on a shelf. >> find out exactly how big her dice collection is. and the things she does not do with them. later on fox 45 news "late editionn. >> here is a live look at the oil leak in the gulf. the procedure bp plans to try,
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try new huge roll. >> this is a live look at theú oil leak in the gulffof mexicoo flowing steadily since april. bp will try to put a bettee cap on it over the week. -ut as brett arson exxlains that will temporarilyymake things worse. >> bp and the government hope to
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seven to 10 days of good weather that is ahead of them. so possibly,,ii everything goes well by monday, all of thh oil that has een ggshing into the %-cootained entirely on boarde three surface shipp. but the plan over the weekend is going to be very complicated. and it is quite ambitious. >> for 11 weeks ow, up to3 60,000-barrels of oil a day and some estimate more than ttat, have been spilling nto the gulú of mexico. theeoil collection and containment ships on the surface have been oolecting abootú 25,000-barrels daa, with aú partial cap on the pipe line. but b and the governmenntare entirell. ambitious plan involves removing the cap ssturday, for 3 or 4 days, oil and gas will escape into the gulf uncheckkd. after the pipe is recut for a more snug fit a newwdome like cap will be lowered onto the well head to seal it shut.3
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ú%iie oil collection ships above will double the amount of oil captured each day, plugging the gusher permanently will still we lie on thh rrlief well. accepting the maconknow well at 18,000 feet down, and sealing it and stopping he flow of oil into the gulf nce and for all. >> it will be the middle of august before we have capped the well, to be sooner than that we would be delighted. >> in lake ppntchartrain in new orleans men and women with %-maashes, cleaning blade andhe blade of grass. >> it is frrstrating. you want it to end. do everything you can to stop it. ann it is an every day battle. >> in new orleans, fox ews. >> and here in mmryland. owners of seafood restaurants are bbacing for major fallout from the gulf oil pill. right now many restaurants getú the crabssfrom maryland or virrinia, nnrth carolina. in he fall innaadter, they will buy the crabs from texas
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and louisiana. but it could be many months before seafood operations in the gulf are back to normal. and that means restaurants will either have to bby the crabs from foreign countries at a ú%abs at all. >> in marrland, virginia, what arr we known for? what do people cooe here for? they come here??3 the ipact of thht, on an economic level, when you look acrrss the statee is huge. >> some restaurant wners say 20 percent more for oysters from and those owners ssy they will3 have to buy them from other -reas. >> fdii closed for bbnks in maryland today. first regulators closeed thisú bank, bay national bank of luther vil. and analysts say it had oo many people with accounts at the bank by checks. them throughhatm or -eople with loans should the bank will reopen as bay bank
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-n monday. >> and regulators allo closed ideal federal savings bank. bbsed in baltimore. on the websiie it said that it waa the oldest black owned bank in maryland..3 open fod88 years. >> and first mariner bank is under pressure to get more money and it goo help toddy. bank struck a deal wiih a former board meeber. john mcdaniel agreed to exchange $1 million in debt for stock in the company. it will help 1st mariner raise money. bank nneds to raise five to $7 million y the end of august. >> two bodies are founddnear th3 site of a collision between a ú%ck tour boat and barge in philadelphia. a 16-year-old girl hungry. 20-year-old hundrrd garian man missing since the crash on wednesday. 35 other people were rescued from the water after the collision. in the meantime, the duck tour
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company has suspended operations in its other cities. >> federal judge in boston has struck down portions of the defensive marriage act calling it unconstitutional. the act limits federal benefits to straight couples even in states that recognize gay marriages. but a district court judge said that the act forth as the state of massachusetts to discriminate against gay couples even though the state recoggizes gay marriage. -he justice department has not decided if it will appeal to tte ruling. good. but it looos like there is a little rain coming some time tonight. meteorologist emily gracey has more in the sky watch forecast. >> hi karen.3 rain is on the radar and it il3 be here in thh next hoou or so. watching ittout there on hd bbeaking up though. thunderstorms. heavy downpours, back west. now as it is moving closer and close to baltimore it is breaking up. you can see in the last couple
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of frames there..3 not a lot of rain. nott early as heavy as what it %-and as it gets close to baltiiore wet weather but not maayland. you can see this line of showers and thunderstorms extends all up and downtown eastcoast. it is with a cold front that willlbe pushing through the area over the next 12 to 24 hours. so we can expect wet weather in the forecast. as we start off the weekend. about 3 incces below average for the season at bwi. 93, that's what we hit this afternoon. so it was still an above average day. did not feel that warm compared to where weehave been over theú. but still warm temmeratures. nonetheless. 82 is what we are at now n baltimore. by tomorrow we will have high temperatures stayiig in the mid3 80s. keep us a little cooler. %-where we sit this time of yea. so not too far off from the noomal high temperatures. weather situation today. has been dominated by a cold
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front getting clooer and closer to the area. as you can see, it will push through. and tomorrow, and tomorrow afternoon, we will see clearing behind the front. high preesure takes control and move over our area and high pressure means clearing skies, dry conditions. aad gusty winds.3 so expect that by tomorrow evening as well. there may be a ew lingering showers. but as we irn off the weekend it will be very nice out here. on the eastern shore. for tomorrow. 888degrees. - littte bit of relief from the heat. showers and thunderstorms in the foreeast. for tomorrow. and especialll during the morring hours. anddthat wiil be the case. in central maryland as well. 85 degrees. it will be a little cooler than that. 84 degrees. there. expect the clearing later in the ú%y. 73 overright tonight. showers and thunderstorms are a good possibblity. and the greater possibility for tomorrow with a high temperature and warm back up to 90 by sunday. and clear out as well.
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staying dry for monnay. 99 degrees and we will start to see a chance of showers and thunderstorms as we move iito tuesday and wednesdayy i will have a look at that seven-day forecast. and how will finish off nextú week, coming up in a few. >> next,,on the "late edition". the astounding collection this woman is still working on. >> the orioles will have to face a cy youug awa i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals for my bird friends. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i have to take care of myself. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. [ bob ] makes you feel ageless. brrrbb! [ male announcer ] it's simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. [ bob ] squak!
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>> take a look at this. they are part of a collection owned by sue in califorria.3 -nd she has 13,000 dice of all kinds. casino, candy, foam dice. even though she hhs a mind boggling number of dice. one thing she does not do what she goes to las vegas. >> when we go to las vegas, i don't ddink, i don't smoke and i don't gamble. it is aasure thing. i buy dice. >> she says her collection has slowed down in recent years. but if she sees uniqueedice she
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will get them. >> the orioles had an opportunity tonight to do something they don't do very often. win two in a row. and after 2 and a half hour rain -elay, o's and rangers took to the diamond. matusz gets he start for the bottom of the second. matuuz gets watching areas, swinging to end the inning. right now there is no score in the third. >> before tonight's game, rangers maae a tradd for cy3 young wwnner award lee. seattle gets first base prospect justinnssoke and 3 minor ú%rk low. lee is scheduled to start tomorrow against the o's. the birds are expected to recall tillman from norfolk for the start. >> strasburg making the start o3 his career. first batter of the game.
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outs on the year.has soon strike >> what will the weather be like
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next week? emily gracey is back with the seven--ay orecast. >> karen, much needed rain in the foreccst for tomorrow. 85 ddgrees. it will feel duul out there. compared to where we have been. get back into the low 90s for out. and another chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. with an upper level disturbance moving through. ú%chance. and then dry out again thursday temperatures will stay steadily in the low 90s though all the way through until next week. >> karen back to yyu. >> thank you em. >> that's all for the "late edition"" thank you for joining us. i am karen parks. see ou tomorrow nightt goodnight. provided by captioning ♪
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